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Comunidad Limen and First Christian Church, Tucson are joining efforts to offer learning experiences on the US-Mexico border.  We invite you to participate in an immersion designed to inspire your theological imagination and move you towards a Christian praxis for justice.


Who can participate?

Church groups, seminarians, pastors, leaders, activists... anyone with a passion for social justice and feels compelled to act.

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We use see-judge-act as a method of analysis to reflect on the realities of border communities and to put our faith values into transformative social action.


Our curriculum follows these three steps:


Step 1. See
(Socio-Analytic Meditation)

We see what is happening at the border.

What are the historical root causes that shaped the current context?


Step 2. Judge
(Hermeneutic Meditation)

We judge our current social and spiritual context through the Hebrew Scriptures and Christian Testament.

Does our present reality fit God’s plan for the world?

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Step 3. Act
(Practical Meditation)

We create an action plan for your church community to act as Jesus would in our world.

Contact Us

740 E Speedway Blvd.

Tucson, AZ 85719

520 624 8695

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